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Ferro Chrome

The silicon content in conventional high carbon ferrochrome is normally below 2%, whereas the thermodynamic equilibrium allows charge chrome larger flexibility in terms of silicon content, which can vary between 2% and 5%. The silicon content in the alloy is dependent on the chosen production technology route and the selected slag operating regime.

High carbon ferrochrome is an intermediate product and is used as a feed material in the production of value-added materials such as stainless steel. Typical product types for high carbon ferrochrome are crushed lumpy product with a silvery metallic appearance and irregular, flaky granulated product with a greenish appearance.


  • Provides for wide usage in foundry and steel industry applications
  • Made available with optimum chemical and physical properties
  • Finding usage during steel production for correcting chrome percentage without causing undesirable variation in carbon/trace element percentage
  • Also suitable as low cost alternative to metallic chrome for use in super alloys as well as other special melting applications

Ferrochrome Uses

Most of the ferrochrome produced worldwide is used in manufacturing stainless steel. The chromium content present in stainless steel provides resistance to corrosion as well as gives stainless steel its customary appearance. Around 18% of chrome is used in per unit content of stainless steel.

Ferrochrome is also used when more chromium is needed to be added to carbon steel. High carbon ferrochrome is used in the manufacturing of ball-bearing steels, tool steels as well as other alloy steels.

Apart from making stainless steel, low carbon ferrochrome is also used in the manufacturing of acid-resistant steels. High nitrogen ferrochrome is created by adding 0.75% of nitrogen to the different grades of ferrochrome. This nitrogen-rich alloy is used for manufacturing high-chromium cast steels having a coarse crystalline structure. The nitrogen content produces refined grains and adds strength to the finished product.


Specification of Ferro Chrome

HCFeCr High Carbon Ferro Chrome
Cr 60% Min
C 8% Max
Si 3 % Max
S 0 . 04% Max
P 0 . 04% Max
Cu 0 . 5% Max
Size 10 - 150 mm - Min 90% or as required by end user

Low Carbon Ferro Chrome - Chemical Analysis

Ferro Chrome is an alloy of chromium & iron containing 50 – 70% chromium by weight. Addition of chromium improves the strength and yield point of steel and reduces elongation insignificantly. The presence of Chromium in carbon steels improves their hardness and wear resistance. Ferro Chrome is made from a mixture of Chromite Ore and Iron in an electric arc furnace. Ferro Chrome is majorly produced in Delhi and India. Most of the Low Carbon Ferro Chrome is used in the production of Stainless steel.

Application: Chromium is used in production of Stainless steel & special alloy steel.
Size: 10 – 50mm, 10 – 100mm
Packing: 1 Ton bags
Melting Point: ~1550°C
Variations: Low Carbon Ferro Chrome Low Silicon (Si<=0.5%), Ultra Low Carbon Ferro Chrome, Nitrided Ferro Chrome (N2: 3-6%)

Chemical Composition: Typical chemical composition of L.C. Ferro Chrome is shown below:

LCFeCr Low Carbon Ferro Chrome 60% Low Carbon Ferro Chrome 70%
Cr 65% Min 70% Min
C 0.03, 0.06, 0.10, 0.15 0.03, 0.05, 0.06, 0.08, 0.10, 0.15
Si 1% Max 1% Max
P 0.035% Max 0.035% Max
S 0.03% Max 0.03% Max
Size 10 - 50 mm - Min 90% or as required by end user
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