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Ferro Silicide Cored Wire

Calcium Silicide cored wire is souce of Calcium for steel industries, which is used for Deoxidation, Desulphurization and Inclusion modification. Cored wire is prepared by, high grade of CaSi granules or powder, which is filled in U shaped steel sheath (Made of high quality of cold rolled steel strip), and this U shapes steel sheath is closed tightly, so called overlapping craft, with help of equipment. The encapsulated Calcium Silicide in steel sheath (called cored wire) is injected into the steel melt with help of wire injection system with the purpose of high recovery of Ca in steel than the virgin Ca / CaSi lumps addition into the ladle. The powder specification of Calcium siliside, which is used in cored wire.

Chemical analysis: 28-30% Ca, rest Fe
Diameter of wire: 13 mm (option also 9 and 16 mm)
Steel thickness: 0.35-0.40 mm
Inside diameter of coil: app. 650 mm
Lenght of wire: app. 5.000 m
Packing: vertical or horizontal, steel or wood pallet, steel cage, PVC stretch foil

Ferro Silicide Cored Wire
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