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Ferro Silicon Mangnesium

We provides the clients with excellent quality of Ferro Silicon Manganese which is a complete alloy of manganese and silicon. This Ferro Silicon Magnesium alloy is used by almost every steel and iron plant as an oxidizing agent for iron and steel. The combined properties of Silicon and Magnesium increase strength, ductility, rigidity and high resistance of the steel. Besides that, the clients can avail our Silicon Magnesium alloy at utmost industry leading sum. We also commence customized orders to meet the customer’s special requirements.

We devote our special attention to use only the rich quality raw materials followed by rigorous quality control so as to ensure that every product is delivered in strict compliance to national as well as international standards. Due to products manufactured by our truly Ferro Silicon Magnesium Manufacturers in Delhi, India have enabled us to become the most leading manufacturers and exporters in Delhi, India.

Ferro Sillicon Magnesium Alloys are master alloys of magnesium with Iron And Silicon. They facilitate small additions of Mahnesium ti iron, required to transform graphite flakes to superoids.

Feature include

  • Higher quality castings through maximum nucleation
  • Improved graphic nodularity
  • Fewer as-cast carbides in thin section castings for improved machine-ability
  • Reduced heat treatment costs
  • Precise control of rare earth levels with single alloy addition
  • Higher levels of ferrite & lower hardness for given composition and section sizes
  • Greater tolerance to slightly higher level of pearlite promoting residual elements.
  • Magnesium from dolomite can be made in the Pidgeon process with the use of Ferro silicon.
Ferro Silicon Mangnesium

Specifications Of Ferro Silicon Mangnesium:

Ferro Silico Magnesium
Grade Si Mg Al Ca    
  Over including Up to and Over Up to and Max Max
Fe Si 48 Mg 05 46 50 3 6 1 2
Fe Si 48 Mg 08 46 50 6 10 1 2
Fe Si 50 Mg 12 48 52 10 14 1 2
Fe Si 50 Mg 15 48 52 14 18 1 2
Fe Si 52 Mg 15 50 55 14 18 1 2
Fe Si 52 Mg 20 50 55 18 22 1 2
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