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Ferro Tungsten

Ferro-tungsten is a master alloy for the production of tungsten-containing steels. The raw materials for ferro-tungsten production are rich ore or ore concentrates of wolframite or scheelite. Also artificial scheelite or soft scrap can be used. The tungsten trioxide in these compounds can be reduced either carbothermically in electric arc furnaces or metallothermically by silicon and/or aluminum. Also a mixed carbothermic-silicothermic production is in use.

Tungsten is an important alloying element in high-speed and other tool steels, and is used to a lesser extent in some stainless and structural steels. Tungsten is often added to steel melts as ferrotungsten, which can contain up to 80% tungsten Commercial ferro-tungsten contains between 75 and 85% W. It has a steel grey appearance and a fine-grained structure consisting of FeW and Fe2W. It is supplied in 80–100 mm lumps.

Tungsten is one of heaviest metals and has the highest melting point of any element except carbon (3422 o C, 6192 o F), lowest vapor pressure (at temperatures above 1650 o C, 3000 o F) very high thermal creep resistance and the highest tensile strength. It is extremely resistant to corrosion and can be attacked only slightly by most mineral acids. One of the primary benefits of adding Ferro Tungsten to an alloy is to increase the alloy's melting point, making it suitable for aerospace applications as well as welding applications. Additionally, by adding Ferro Tungsten to an alloy, one can take advantage of tungsten's unique electrical capabilities as a conductor.

Ferro Tungsten

Specifications Of Ferro Tungsten:

SiMn High Carbon Ferro Tungsten
W min. 72%
Mo max.0.5%
Mn max.0.6%
Si max.0.7%
C max.0.3%
S max.0.11%
Cu max.0.2%
As max.0.04%
Sn max.0.08%
Pb max.0.04%
Bi max.0.02%
Sb max.0.02%
P max.0.07%
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