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Ferro Vanadium

Ferro Vanadium when added to an alloy gives stability against alkalis as well as sulphuric and hydrochloric acids. Ferro Vanadium also helps in avoiding of Corrosion to Steel. It also helps in increasing of Tensiile Strenght of Steel, Casting & Welding Electrodes.

Ferrovanadium is a universal hardener, strengthener and anti-corrosive additive for steels like high-strength low-alloy (HSLA) steel, tool steels, as well as other ferrous-based products.

The content of vanadium in ferro vanadium varies from 45 to 50% and sometimes it is up to 80%, depending upon the demand. The 45 to 50% grade is produced from slag and other vanadium containing material by silicothermic reduction of pentoxide (V2O5 ) in presence of steel scrap or by direct reduction in an electric arc furnace. The resultant vanadium steels can be divided into microalloy or low-alloy steels with less than 0.15% vanadium and high-alloy steels with up to 5% vanadium.

The most common oxide of vanadium i.e., vanadium pentoxide (V2O5 ) is used as a catalyst in manufacturing sulphuric acid. In biological context, vanadium is a micro-nutrient found naturally in mushroom, shellfish, black pepper, parsley dill, grain and grain products.


Ferro Vanadium - Chemical Analysis:

SiMn High Carbon Ferro Vanadium
V 50% Min
Si 1.50% Max
AL 1.00% Max
S 0.04% Max
C 0.10% Max
Size 10 - 70 mm or as required by end user

Ferro Vanadium - Chemical Analysis:

SiMn High Carbon Ferro Molybdenum
V 78.00% Min
Si 1.50% Max
Al 1.50% Max
P 0.10% Max
C 0.25% Max
S 0.10% Max
Cu 0.25% Max
Size 10 x 50 mm or as required by end user
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